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Ruto hits back at Raila in Government to Government oil deal details

By Mercy Simiyu November 20th, 2023 2 min read

President William Ruto has dared opposition leader Raila Odinga to present evidence that proves the government-to-government oil deal is a scam.

While addressing the congregation at a church sermon in Bomet on November 19, 2023, Ruto insisted his administration operates transparently, emphasizing the legitimacy of the oil deal between his government with Saudi Arabia and the United Arabs Emirates .

Mr Odinga’s recent suggested the was a scam, and challenged the government to make public the contracts signed between the involved parties. In his response, Ruto maintains the oil deal is both legitimate and beneficial, pointing out that neighboring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda are now seeking similar agreements.

“I want to challenge the opposition; instead of demanding proof that it is not a scam, let them prove to us that it is,” declared Ruto. He called on Raila to cease spreading misinformation, citing confirmation from oil marketers that the deal is in the best interest of Kenya and its citizens.

Ruto asserted that the contracts are public knowledge and urged opposition legislators to review the documents in Parliament, emphasizing the transparency of his administration. “There is no secret contract anywhere,” Ruto asserted, inviting scrutiny from both government and opposition MPs.

Raila, cast doubt on the Government-to-Government (G to G) oil deal, signed in early 2023.

He questioned its efficacy, stating that the cost of oil had not decreased as intended. “Well, the deal was a scam for which we now demand full disclosure and full accountability. It is corrupt and rotten to the core,” Raila asserted.

Ruto’s administration adopted the government-to-government oil supply contracts in March 2023 in the wake of the shilling’s significant depreciation against the dollar.

Despite the government’s rationale, Raila argued that landlocked countries relying on Kenya for oil are abandoning Kenya’s pipeline due to its increasing costs.

He also criticised the deal’s alleged secrecy, claiming that only two documents have been made public to date. The back-and-forth between Ruto and Raila continues to intensify, adding spice to the already contentious narrative surrounding the controversial oil agreement.

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