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Rwanda President Paul Kagame vows to defend country ‘from enemies’

Rwanda President Paul Kagame has sent a warning to people he referred to as ‘enemies threatening his country’s stability’

Kagame, known for his tough speaking nature, stressed that ‘nothing will stand in his way’ if he had to defend the country’s sovereignty and interests’.

“When it comes to defending this country that has suffered for so long and nobody came to help, I don’t need permission from anybody to do what we have to do to protect ourselves. I have said in broad daylight,” he warned.

He assured Rwandans they can count on him to protect their lives ‘during the day and at night when they are sleeping’.

“You go home and sleep, don’t do anything. There will be nothing crossing these borders of this small country of ours…where we have been thirty years ago, there is nothing worse that can happen to us.”

President Kagame said that in the event that his country found itself in a situation that threatens the existing peace and harmony, he will unleash his wrath to them.

“If you ever put us in a situation where we have to think like its going back to that time, then we have nothing to lose. We will fight like people who have nothing to lose and somebody will pay the price, other than ourselves.”

He was speaking to thousands of his people on Tuesday at the Kigali Convention Center during the first day of the 19th National Umushyikirano Council, which brings together Rwandans from across the country and diaspora for interactions with their leaders on Rwanda’s state of affairs.

Rwanda recently witnessed differences with its neighbouring countries Burundi and DR Congo.

This has led to Burundi closing its borders with Rwanda while President Evariste Ndayishimiye has accused the neighbour of being a threat to peace.

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