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Sakaja schools men on proper way of fastening seatbelts while in neckties

How does one fasten his seatbelt while in that sleek necktie? Apparently, there is a proper way of doing it and many Kenyan men have been getting it wrong.

Now, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has taken time to school Kenyan men on how to fasten your seatbelt whenever they are dressed in neckties.

The governor shared a TikTok video of him in his car to do the demonstration using very simple instructions.

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“Yesterday I took a video driving… from the CBD… and everybody was asking me ‘where is your belt?’… well, a story for the gentlemen… a lesson,” he says in the video.

“If you have a good tie, take care of it. You never put your belt on top of your tie… you put it under… and through. So from that angle it looks like you don’t have a belt… but always, always… a belt,” he explains in the video that has attracted numerous likes, comments and shares.

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In February this year, Sakaja revealed what made him join TikTok, a decision he said has enhanced his interaction with the younger generation.

Sakaja said a friend’s daughter encourage him to join TikTok since he shares “serious matters” on all his other social media platforms while TikTok would allow him to easily interact with the younger generation who are mostly on the app.

“I have a friend whose daughter told me that we discuss serious matters on Twitter and Facebook because there are a lot of agendas and economic figures but there is a new generation that is on TikTok and does not want serious things,” Sakaja said in an interview with Radio Maisha.

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