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Sam West breaks silence on dropout past

Renowned motivational speaker Sam West has recently opened up about his tumultuous past, shedding light on the challenges he faced as a young adult.

Contrary to his current composed demeanor, few knew about his struggles, including dropping out of university not once, but twice.

During a candid interview on Radio Maisha, West revealed his educational journey, confessing, “I went to Nairobi University, attempted Medicine briefly, then moved to Kabete Campus for a semester before quitting. I also pursued Computer Science but abandoned it after a year.”

His decisions led to a rift with his father, who sent him abroad to study International Business. “I was on a scholarship, so I had to finish school,” West shared. Upon his return, he ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a radio station in Nakuru, a bold move fueled by his passion for entertainment.

Reflecting on his academic detours, West admitted, “I was searching for purpose. If you don’t discover your purpose early, confusion ensues.” Despite setbacks, he found solace in pursuing his passion, which ultimately evolved into Gitugi FM.

West’s personal life also made headlines, notably his relationship with singer Vivianne. Dispelling rumors, he clarified, “We were not married. Three things break a relationship: incompatibility, infidelity, and irreconcilable differences.” Following the breakup, West immersed himself in work, attributing his healing to a strengthened faith.

Addressing speculation about his romantic life, West denied dating former Switch TV presenter Kush Tracey, emphasizing their friendship and shared commitment to religious missions. He affirmed his dedication to celibacy, citing its transformative impact on mental clarity and emotional healing post-breakup.

“Engaging in pre-marital coitus undermines one’s self-worth and spirituality,” West asserted, emphasizing the importance of purity and avoiding soul ties. Drawing from biblical wisdom, he highlighted the spiritual complexities of intimacy, urging others to prioritize holistic well-being.