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Ali Kiba expands empire with ‘Crown Media’ launch

Tanzanian icon Ali Kiba has further solidified his presence in the business world by successfully launching his media station.

Kiba, already renowned for his musical prowess, has now joined the league of media owners with the grand inauguration of Crown Media during a star-studded event over the weekend.

Crown Media boasts both a television network (Crown TV) and a radio station (Crown FM), marking its entry into the realm of traditional media. However, the company is not limiting itself to conventional platforms; it is poised to harness the digital space and innovative technologies as well.

The Bongo star revealed that his decision to diversify his business interests into the media sector was deeply influenced by his personal journey. He acknowledged the pivotal role that media played in shaping his career, crediting it for his rise to stardom.

Recalling his humble beginnings, Kiba reminisced about how inseparable he was from his radio, emphasizing the profound impact it had on him. “Media is a powerful tool,” he affirmed, “It transformed me into the Ali Kiba of today. I couldn’t go a night without a radio, much to my father’s chagrin.”

Reflecting on the challenges he faced along the way, Kiba expressed his motivation to provide solutions within the media landscape. He highlighted 1986 as the genesis of his journey, marking the birth of his dreams and ambitions through the medium of his voice.

A little over a month ago, Alikiba, who happens to be the head of King’s Music Records opened up on a significant aspect of his artiste management philosophy.

Contrary to popular assumptions, Alikiba revealed that securing a collaboration with him is not a straightforward process for artistes under his label. In an interview with Clouds FM, he elaborated on the stringent conditions and philosophical considerations guiding his approach to collaborations.

Alikiba stressed the importance of self-awareness and individual recognition for artists before seeking collaborative ventures with him. Drawing from recent remarks by artist Tommy Flavour regarding challenges in securing collaborations, Alikiba underscored the need for artists to first establish themselves and their capabilities.

“Artists under my wing have been advised,” he explained, “If they wish to collaborate with me, they must first establish themselves. Once they’ve done so, then we can explore collaboration. It’s essential for them to understand their potential.”

Drawing parallels with his own aspirations, Alikiba emphasized the significance of personal growth and global recognition in the realm of collaborations. He likened his hypothetical collaboration aspirations with Jay Z to the journey of self-elevation required for such opportunities to materialize.

Reflecting on his roster of talent at King’s Music Records, which includes Tommy Flavour, K2ga, Kusah, Vanillah Music, and his brother AbduKiba, Alikiba reiterated his commitment to nurturing artistes who understand the value of personal growth and recognition in their craft.