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Samantha tops Kenya’s Google searches in January

Samantha the high tech sex doll, which ever since it was introduced has sent tongues wagging, has topped the list of the most searched item in Kenya in the month of January.

The Samantha doll generated great public interest as it divided opinion between men and women, with the former welcoming the doll with cheers while the latter seemingly unhappy about it.

The second most searched item is the KUCCPS 2018 intake. This comes after the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) opened its online application system for 2017 KCSE students to revise their choices for placement as Government-sponsored students to Universities and Colleges.

In third place was Football Association Cup, officially known as the FA Cup, as the 2018 edition of this annual knockout competition in men’s domestic English football came reached the third and fourth rounds.

Kenyans also searched for the late Yvonne Wamalwa, the widow of the late former Vice President Michael Wamalwa Kijana. Mrs Wamalwa passed on, on the 25th of January.

Also among the top searches were Ms Farida Karoney, Cabinet Secretaries, Polycarp Igathe, the Australian Open, Kambua Manundu and Ken Wafula.

Top Ten Searches.

1. Samantha

2. KUCCPS 2018 intake

3. FA cup

4. Yvonne Wamalwa

5. Farida Karoney

6. Cabinet Secretaries

7. Polycarp Igathe

8. Australian open

9. Kambua Manundu

10. Ken Wafula