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Samidoh urges men to dump non-submissive women

Mugiithi artiste Samidoh has recently taken to his Instagram Insta stories to share a cryptic message that has sparked conversations and debates on social media.

The message addressed issues of women’s submission in relationships and their willingness to heed their partner’s guidance.

In the video shared by Samidoh, he talked about women who appear unwilling to submit to their husbands.

He expressed his views on the matter with a stern tone, delivering a message aimed at men who might be dealing with such situations.

“Men, a woman who doesn’t listen does not belong in your life. I shall explain, a woman who doesn’t take corrections from you, a woman who doesn’t take instructions from you, a woman who doesn’t take directions from you is dangerous,” the video emphasized.

Samidoh’s went on to characterize such women, highlighting their negative attributes and attitudes.

He described them as condescending and arrogant, believing they were doing a favor by being in a relationship with their partners.

These women, according to Samidoh, think they are superior and deserve someone wealthier, more successful, and better than their current partner.

He pointed out that such women tend to be disrespectful, frequently engaging in arguments and creating unnecessary drama.

This behavior often robs their partners of peace and tranquility because they want to assert their superiority.

Samidoh used strong words to label these women as unfaithful, ungrateful, disloyal, and treacherous, suggesting they are capable of betrayal, humiliation, and ultimately abandoning their partners for someone else.

Samidoh is currently linked to the nominated senator, Karen Nyamu after his wife, Edday Nderitu left the country and started a new life in the US with their three children.

In July, Edday Nderitu seemingly indicated that she had no intentions of reconciling with her husband, the father of their three children, Samidoh.

The revelation came in response to a comment on Facebook, where Edday engaged with a concerned fan regarding her relationship with Samidoh.

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