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Sauti Sol singer Bien’s wife Chiki addresses vasectomy reports

Radio presenter Chiki Kuruka says reports her husband was ready for a vasectomy were not factual.

The media personality is married to popular singer Sauti Sol’s Bien.

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Speaking in an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the radio personality cum dancer stressed her husband’s words were misinterpreted.

“He never said that,” she said.

“I urge the media platform to be careful in their reporting. What he said was contraception cannot just be the responsibility of a woman, and he personally, if it were a case where I am uncomfortable with continuing with contraception, he wouldn’t mind being the person that takes over the responsibility.”

She then reprimand people who criticize men that step up to support their women.

“We can’t have it both ways, you can’t complain that men are not standing up, and when they are standing up and saying that they are willing to support then he is punished for saying that.”

In July, Bien was quoted as saying that he would be willing to take the mantle of family planning from his wife as he believes such responsibility should not be left solely to the woman.

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“A lot of men are not willing to have vasectomies but I am. I’m willing to look into a vasectomy. I’m tired of putting this burden on our chics. First of all, I know different contraceptives have different side effects,” he said.

Chiki was asked how she handles criticism from netizens and sly remarks about her family.

“Such comments don’t bother me. As I said, you can’t be in the public eye and be triggered by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. As long as your home is strong it doesn’t matter. People will always talk.”