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Senator Tabitha Karanja says phone stalkers are threatening her

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika is walking a tightrope after failing to comply with a recent court order barring her from continuing to control the controversial Nakuru War Memorial Hospital.

This comes after Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja said if the governor fails to comply with the law, the Senate Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs (JLAC) will have no option but to write her a letter, which an impeachment motion will follow.

“We need a legal committee to write a letter to the governor and warn her that if she continues in this manner, the senator will bring a vote of no confidence to this house,” the senator said.

She expressed confidence that when that motion comes, it will be supported by all senators who defend devolution.

The senator also said that the Council of Governors (CoG) should hold the governors to account for failing to ensure that the devolved unit delivers for the people who elected them.

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The senator also revealed some of the threats she is facing following her recent differences with Governor Kihika.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday, February 28, afternoon, the senator complained that she has been receiving calls from strange numbers.

The senator has alleged that Governor Kihika is trying to undermine her role as a senator, which is keeping the governor on his toes.

“I come from a district where intimidation and blackmail are the order of the day. Everyone knows that the gangsters control Nakuru County,” said Tabitha.

“I have even been called on private numbers to be threatened and abused. You have never seen me go in there (Chambers) drunk, but I have been called a drunkard.”

She also alleged that the recent disruption of peaceful demonstrations in Nakuru by lawyers protesting the continued disobedience of court orders was carried out by hired thugs.

“You saw Chief Justice Martha Koome saying how the governor had disobeyed court orders.”