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Sh 4 million tea and mandazi rip-off that has angered Kenyans

Kenyans have expressed outrage at what appears to be daylight robbery at the Ministry of Health following a report on the expenditure of funds received for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

A breakdown of money from the World Bank used by the ministry has since yesterday been circulation on social media pages as well as WhatsApp groups, highlighting the ways in which the funds have been used.

Notably was the Sh4 million used for “tea and snacks for varied teams” as well as Sh 9million for “printing of travellers forms, quarantine forms and discharge forms,” while the ministry had spent Sh6.5million to acquire printing paper and toners.

Going with the hashtag #moneyheist, after Netflix’s popular TV series by the same name, and the statement Fellow Kenyans, – words President Uhuru Kenyatta and Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe use most during their public addresses – Kenyans on social media vent their anger, disappointment, disgust and despair at the thoughtless spending by the government during this crisis.

“Tea in Government is served to very few people. In essence therefore this Shs.4m Tea is served to the Minister, TWO PSs, CAS, Director of Medical Services and Administrative Secretary office. Add their Secretaries. Round off to 20 people,” weighed in former Director of Digital and Diaspora Communications at the office of the President, Dennis Itumbi, HSC @OleItumbi.

“Please tell me these government figures are incorrect. While jobless Kenyans are being forced to pay for forced quarantine and a mother cooks stones to make her kids think food is coming,” posted radio host Carol Radull @CarolRadull.


“I don’t believe in passing out judgement blindly but government should really try and explain these figures as a moral responsibility especially now when so many are suffering,” F @Feloflox posted.

“Hii Sh4M ya chai would have been enough to chatter a plane to bring back our brothers and sisters suffering in China,” W I L L I A M™ @Wuodbabu said.

“Fellow Kenyans as you go through hard time to look for food and pay rent. Some people have spent 4 million on tea and snacks in one month. But for real, we deserve what we are going through because when time comes to vote, we reelected so incompetent people. Tukule ujeuri wetu,” ESIMBA™Flag of KenyaRaised fist @GeorgeOnsase pointed out.

“Dembe get the Jet we are going to Nairobi. Tell Herold we’ll need backup, it’s the KABAL they’re drinking tea worth Sh4m,” posted The DUKE of Kawangware @brynne_achoka alongside a photograph of characters Raymond Reddington and Dembe from the popular show The Blacklist.