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Sharon Mwangi speaks on publicising relationship with Kagwe Mungai

Lifestyle content creator Sharon K Mwangi recently opened up about the consequences that followed her decision to make her relationship with Kagwe Mungai public.

During an episode of her podcast, Best Kept Secrets, featuring guests Makeup artist Joanna Kinuthia, Soila Curtis, and Michelle Shikie, Sharon shared the intimate details of what led to the couple’s public revelation.

Amidst candid discussions with her guests, Sharon admitted to harboring fears about going public with their relationship. She disclosed seeking advice from close friend Joan, who reassured her that the situation wasn’t as daunting as she had imagined. Together with Kagwe, they delineated their boundaries before taking the leap.

“We had a lot of conversations because I was scared. We were not hiding, I had a conversation with Joan and she told me it was not as scary as I thought it was. We decided what our boundaries were,” said Sharon.

The pivotal moment came when Kagwe expressed his desire to share a video of them together in a lift. Although hesitant, Sharon acquiesced. Little did they anticipate the overwhelming response—the video garnered an astonishing half a million views, leading to an unexpected flood of congratulatory messages from Sharon’s family. This sudden outpouring of well-wishes caught her off guard, as she had never experienced such acknowledgment for being in a relationship before.

“He told me he wanted to share the video of us in a lift, I asked if he was sure to which he responded yes. At the time we had not even thought about views. The video was on blogs and other places, It got like half a million views. After that, I started receiving congratulatory messages from my family,” she revealed.

However, the surge in attention also brought unforeseen pressure. Sharon confided that the newfound congratulations came with an unwelcome expectation—the pressure to get married. She expressed feeling overwhelmed by this sudden societal expectation, especially given that she had never encountered such explicit pressure previously.

“I have never been congratulated. It came with a lot of pressure on me when I was getting married,” Sharon disclosed.

The revelation of their relationship to the public eye occurred in May 2023, marking a significant milestone in their journey together.

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