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Shimanyula dares Khalwale to a legal battle

By Winnie Onyando February 22nd, 2024 3 min read

Earlier this week, Kakamega County Senator Boni Khalwale sued tycoon Clephas Shimanyula, alias Toto, for accusing him of being behind the death of his late caretaker, Mr Kizito Moi Amukune, on January 28, 2024.

Mr Amukune is said to have died after one of the bulls he took care of gored him to death within its pen on Senator Khalwale’s property.

As investigations continued, Mr Shimanyula claimed Senator Khalwale was behind the death because the wounds were not aligned with a bull’s horns but with a sharp knife.

He linked the murder to one of Khalwale’s wives too, alleging a romantic affair.

To this, Senator Khalwale sued Shimanyla for “reckless disregard for the truth and engaged in a campaign to defame, discredit and malign” Senator Khalwale.

This was after law enforcement and pathologists determined Mr Moi was indeed killed by the bull, the late Inasio.

Senator Khalwale proceeded to demand Sh 200 million in damages and an unconditional apology, to which Mr Shimanyula responded that the Senator could take him to all the Courts he wanted, including The Hague, over this matter.

Three days ago, a figure of Sh 1.5 billion was then demanded as compensation from Mr Shimanyula for defamation.

On February 21, 2024, Mr Shimanyula responded to the suit by Khalwale and the hefty compensations being demanded. He taunted Khalwale’s legal team, telling them to add more renowned lawyers such as Cliff Ombeta if they had any hopes of winning the case.

He also expressed confidence that in the end, Khalwale would be paying him and not the other way around.

“I am not scared of whatever they will do. The case should also be heard in Kakamega, not Nairobi because the bull was killed in Kakamega and the deceased died in Kakamega. I am in Kakamega and the Senator is from and represents Kakamega County. Whether he likes it or not, the case will come to Kakamega, not Nairobi. He claims I defamed him but I did not do that. I have a right as a Kenyan to complain and ask for investigations into Moi’s death,” began Mr Shimanyula.

He also accused Khalwale of interfering with investigations officers working on the case in slowing down the investigations that would allegedly send Khalwale to court. Shimanyula also said he had the option of privately prosecuting Khalwale.

“He said he wants Sh 1.5 billion. He could have even quoted Sh 10 billion because with Sh 1.5 billion, maybe he saw that his wives were starving, his children had no money to buy food or he was looking for quick retirement funds. He should have quoted a lot of money, not that little amount. His lawyers are misadvising him so that they can also pocket money. I have no fear. In the end he will lose this case. And

I’ve already said, if the DCI don’t investigate well, I will turn to private prosecution that is provided for in the Constitution of Kenya,” continued Mr Shimanyula.

He also told Khalwale he was not worth Sh 5 million to dare ask for Sh 1.5 billion without any clear criteria in consultation with his lawyer “lying to him.”

“His assets don’t even amount to Sh 10 million. With this Sh 1.5 billion, did they use the bull, Inasio, or what sort of greed was this? He spoke about finances concerning his wives, children, and himself but not once did he mention the deceased. What will his bereaved receive? This is greed bothering him and I will not fear him.

Khalwale, you will not win this by an inch. Filing a case in Nairobi will not work. If it is legitimate, it will be brought back here to Kakamega and you people will be my witness,” added Mr Shimanyula.

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