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Shock as Lang’ata matatu crew assault motorist after accident – PHOTOS

A city motorist was on Friday assaulted by a matatu crew on the Lang’ata route moments after an accident near Lang’ata hospital.

Mr Brian Devani took to his Facebook page after the assault to display injuries inflicted on him by the St Mary’s Sacco matatu crew.

The motorist, in his post,  recounted how on his way home in the evening, the minibus KBW 945Z  scratched his vehicle on the left after he had just joined a junction.

He alighted to check on the damage of the accident only to be met by a rain of kicks and blows from the matatu crew. They even threatened to burn and kill him.

LEFT: Scratches on Mr Devani's neck. RIGHT: The scratch on his car. PHOTOS | COURTESY
LEFT: Scratches on Mr Devani’s neck. RIGHT: The scratch on his car. PHOTOS | COURTESY

The sad part though, is that passengers in the matatu just sat and watched as he was being assaulted.

When Mr Devani retreated to his vehicle, the visibly drunk matatu crew followed him and made an attempt to snatch his car key.

Mr Devani eventually made his way to the police station, with the matatu crew in tow, and reported the incident.

Curiously, a member of the matatu crew was released moments later “because he is friends with the police officer.”

Later a Sacco official called him and asked him how much he wanted so that he can drop the case.