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Smartphone-charging jeans are here

It sounds like something from the future – a pair of skinny jeans that will charge your smartphone, simply by slipping the device into a sleek side pocket.

But that day is here. Joe’s Jeans, a California-based fashion brand, has launched a line of jeans called #Hello, featuring a hidden pocket for a slim battery and power cord, which can connect to Apple iPhones.

The new styles offer a sleek, stylish way to keep women charged and connected while on the go.

But the convenience will cost you. The jeans are priced at Sh19,000 ($189), plus another Sh5,000 ($49) for the custom battery.

The #Hello jeans with a smartphone charging device.
The #Hello jeans with a smartphone charging device.


The jeans have a slim battery pocket sewn near the waistband in the back along with an additional smartphone pocket located partly behind the right-hand butt pocket.

As strange as the system might seem, the designers made a smart move in angling the smartphone pocket off to the side, toward the hip.

That means you don’t put a lot of pressure on your phone when you sit down, like you would if it was in a regular back pocket. You may find wearing a belt strapped over the battery to be a little awkward, however.

The #Hello jeans are only available in women’s skinny-fit styles.