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Songbird Vivian Wambui responds to ‘dumped’ reports

Kenyan songbird Vivian, real name Vivian Wambui, has hit out at reports suggesting she’s been dumped by her fiancee Sam West.

The Charm hitmaker, in an online interview, alleged that people are fond of making up stories that are not backed up by facts.

The singer’s response to the allegations comes after a viral post she shared that saw her fans get concerned about her relationship.

She, however, gave a rather vague answer when approached about the issue, and said people will always judge and talk.

“Let’s all learn to be authentic. I know many fear rejection but deceit is equally bad. We all need more empathy and compassion,” said the singer.

Vivian and her fiancee celebrated their ruracio (traditional wedding) in 2018 in a colorful ceremony, and shortly after, the singer started sharing with her online fans how marriages do require a lot of work.

A few months ago, Vivian raised more concerns after saying that she is struggling with undisclosed issues.

“This week has been very tough. Actually, the last six months but this week has summed it up. I feel like many things are not working and I can’t do tough love anymore. I’m extremely hurt and broken and I’m not sure what this is doing to my brain,” she explained in a post on Instagram.

“I’ve been working so hard I hope I get some good news soon. May the universe provide me enough grace and care to love me unconditionally.”

The singer went on to speak about her biggest regret in life saying that she wishes she would have believed in all her superpowers sooner.

“This year my main goal is to graduate. I’m back in school studying psychology. The mind and brain are interesting spaces, and I’m passionate,”

Vivianne is also promoting her new album #ViviTheAlbum which has been positively received by her fans.

“We’re past half a million streams on boomplay and other streaming sites. Everyone should listen to it. My team and I are planning a launch.”