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Sonko ‘acquires’ American twang, and Kenyans take notice -VIDEO

A speech given by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during the Blue Economy Conference taking place at the KICC has left the online community in stitches for obvious reasons.

Sonko gave his presentation where he spoke about the city’s GDP and its contribution to the growth and development of the nation.

However, it was not his well-written speech which is causing a buzz on social media, rather the governor’s new accent when delivering the speech.


The governor, who once carried himself with a carefree attitude before transforming himself while vying for the city’s gubernatorial seat, chose to adopt an American twang while delivering his speech.

In some words, in the American accent, the letter t usually comes off being pronounced as an r.

Mr Sonko pronounced words like city as “cirry” and President Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s name as “Kenyarra”.


The online community didn’t fail to take notice of Sonko’s acquired accent.

“Wakamba Forever,” commented Hustlajay Maumau.

“You are giving Sonko one of the hardest moment ever in his life…. Must he talk?” asked Guchu Muchoki.

“Governor hiyo accent umedevelop sio mbaya Usingizi ndio najua ni mingi saa hii… ku rehease hiyo speech the whole night sio rahisi,” said J Ericson Oduor.

“Uhuru Kenyarra. the Direct flight to America’s problem,” wrote Hamdish Issa Adan Adde.

“Mzito wacha kutweng!! You are screwing up the otherwise nice speech! just be natural and take a deep breath,” commented Harrison Makzende.

“This speech is more fire. Nairobi cirry here we go now,” wrote Iman Iman Faith.

“We have imported everything from food, culture, faith, heritage and an American accent to our African names… Kenyarra… This is the extent of brainwashing in us,” said James Kirimi Benson.