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Why Sonko wants all city buildings be repainted

By HILARY KIMUYU February 2nd, 2018 2 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has directed that all city building be repainted as part of a beautification exercise that City Hall embarked on last week.

At the same time, Sonko has asked the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeHNA) to fast-track Nairobi’s ongoing road projects and install CCTV.

The new directive takes effect from February 1 and although he did not issue a deadline on when the buildings should have been repainted, he urged the business community and owners to comply with the directive.

“All building should be repainted. Owners have a choice either to maintain their original colours or changing them as they please,” Sonko said.


Sonko spoke on Thursday when he met American firm, Bechtel International Inc and KeNHA officials in a consultative meeting about the Nairobi – Mombasa Expressway.

He also observed that Nairobi, being a commercial hub, should be transformed to attract more foreign investors.

The governor said a quick tour across the city exposed years of neglect on some buildings which were now in a dilapidated state.

“The East African capital is the hub of several multi-national companies and headquarters for several world organizations. By not maintaining the buildings, they deny Nairobi the beauty associated with it and the moniker, ‘The Green City in the Sun’,” the governor said.

Sonko also urged KeNHA to speedily complete pedestrian crossings, footbridges and walkways on all highways in the county.


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“We are calling upon KeNHA to ensure roadworks in Nairobi meet international standards. We need to see CCTV cameras on the roads to ensure vandals are brought to book,” he added.

KeNHA undertook construction of a dual carriage overpass from Waiyaki Way in Westlands, through James Gichuru Road, and then to the JKIA.

Sonko further asked the authority to also ensure streets lights are installed along all roads and on footbridges.

KeNHA director general Peter Mundinia said they will also work with Nairobi to improve drainage.

“We have received reports about drainage problems, especially at the sub-county level, as raised by Umoja 1 MCA Mugambi Macharia. We will work closely with the county to ensure this is resolved,” he said.