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Sonko replaces lion statue that Nairobians rejected

After days of social media uproar from city residents, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has finally replaces the mind-boggling statue that was mounted at the University Way-Uhuru Highway roundabout.

A much better looking sculpture of the king of the jungle now rests peacefully at the same spot where the previous beast, which most could not make up their minds as to what creature in the animal kingdom it, was.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Mr Oshoto Ondula, the man behind Mr Sonko’s famous lions that are placed in different parts of the city, explained that the other statue was still a lion but a cartoon version.

He says all major roundabouts in the city will be beautified with statues of the Big Five in the animal kingdom.

“The other lion that I made was actually a caricature that was not supposed to be mounted at this roundabout. However, what happened is that I was not around and the wrong lion was mounted. Public art is something which the public can relate with,” says Mr Ondula.

He adds: “That particular lion was supposed to be placed at an amusement park otherwise the lion that was meant to be here is the one that is in front of you now. But contrary to public opinion the other statue is also a lion but a cartoon like image.”

Mr Ondula is the main artiste commissioned by the Nairobi county government for most of the artwork being seen around the city in Mr Sonko’s beautification project.