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Sonko sues ‘Star’ over story on his health status

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has made good his threat to sue a local newspaper which published information concerning his private medical records.

In a suit filed on Friday, the governor sued The Star for defamation, claiming the newspaper unlawfully disclosed his health status in a story that indicated that he lied in order to get freed from jail.

He claims that the alleged defamatory story has injured his reputation and career considering that the issue was brought before the public.

He pointed a finger at the newspaper for failing to verify the truth from the concerned parties and has accused them of recklessly and maliciously publishing falsehoods.

“By reason of the premises, the plaintiff has been injured by the said malicious publication in his credit, career and reputation has been brought into public scandal, odium and contempt,” said his lawyers from the firm of Miller & Co. Advocates.

The governor has further accused The Star of failing to issue him with an apology or clarification despite the fact that he issued them with a demand letter.

He has included medical records indicating his health status among his case documents.

He is seeking unspecified amounts of monies as compensation over the alleged defamatory publication.