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Sonko’s new hairstyle stirs a buzz online

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s new hairstyle has caused a buzz online with many declaring it a fail while others cared less.

Sonko appeared before a Senate committee on Monday with dyed hair which became a subject of discussion online.

A Nairobi based barber told Nairobi News that the dye was a huge fail as it should not have been left on Sonko’s scalp for too long.

“The type of dye they used was not the one that comes with its own shampoo to rinse it off entirely from the scalp leaving just colored hair. His hair is also the soft type and thus should not be left too long with the dye as it will over-process and end up looking too dark like charcoal as was the case,” the barber explained.

On Twitter, users made jokes of the governor’s hairstyle.

Kiama Muturi commented; “As he has ordered repainting of buildings am sure he is setting an example by painting his head. Aki Sonko.”

Lorna Irungu wrote; “Barber forgot to rinse out black shampoo ?.”

Steve Ondari wondered; “Has this guy polished his head instead of his shoes?”

Martin Mbiata stated; “Paint job… I thought he said nyumba zipakwe rangi sio vichwa.”