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Stray pet woes: Abandoned dogs increase amid cost of living woes

By Winnie Onyando November 16th, 2023 2 min read

The streets now witness a common yet troubling sight—dogs scouring for scraps.

This rise in wandering dogs comes from a troubling trend: more and more Pets are being abandoned as the cost of living continues to rise.

Once a status symbol, owning pets, especially the fancier breeds like Chihuahuas, has lost its shine due to tough times.

Dogs, often kept for safety in less wealthy areas, are now struggling due to families facing financial challenges.

The higher cost of living has made it hard for pet owners to manage their expenses and taking care of these animals has become an extra burden.

Dogs mainly eat meat, which is costly, and many families can’t afford it anymore.

Collins Omondi, who lives in Kibera, talks about this change, saying he can’t manage to care for a dog anymore because of money problems.

“I used to buy my dog food every month. This could cost me Sh3000. However, I rather provide for my family now rather than a dog,” Collins told Nairobi News.

More stray dogs are now wandering around in his neighborhood as people find it hard to look after their pets.

Collins, like many other Kenyans, feels the pinch of the high cost of living and he can barely afford a meal for his family.

Mercy Achieng, also from Kibera, notices more stray dogs, especially near food places, searching for something to eat.

But even the scraps that used to go to these dogs have become scarce as families try to save every bit they have.

“Many people prefer to have their meals at home, and the few customers who come complain of the size portion. This has made it difficult to spare anything for the dogs who majorly feed on leftovers,” said Achieng

This paints a sad picture of the struggles pet owners face in taking care of their pets.

With the cost of living going up, families are cutting back on spending, and looking after pets has become too expensive.

This shift has led to more stray dogs seeking hard-to-find food and a safe place in these tough times.

As Kenyans brace for tougher times and amidst the threat of an increase in fuel prices, families can only hope that they will be able to survive the storm.

The price of unga has also remained relatively high in the country and many prefer to provide for their families rather than pets.

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