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Struggling Churchill show comedian Jemutai advised against selling her Facebook account

Comedian Stella Bunei Koitie has been advised against selling her Facebook account.

The comedian who is popularly known as Jemutai made her name for her rib-cracking appearances on the Churchill Live shows, has reportedly fallen on hard times, thanks to a large part of the decision by the government to ban social activities and events as a format of reducing the Covid-19 infections.

So much that the mother of two on Friday reached out to blogger Edger Obare asking him to sell the account on her behalf.

She explained that she needed the cash to be able to sustain her children and also start a small business as she was struggling to make ends meet.

“I am a mother of two and a comedian. Life is becoming hard every day and I have lots of arrears. I want to sell my Facebook account to anyone in business. It has over 850,000 followers. I am selling at Ksh2 bob per follower,” she explained.

“I want to be able to start a business and take care of my children. I know it is a desperate move, but I wanted to pay my bills. As a mother I would do anything for my kids,” she added.

But Bonfire Adventures Managing Director, Sarah Kabu has advised Jemutai to rethink her decision.

According to Sarah, despite being in a position to buy the account from her, she feels that the account bears more importance in her life from the fact that she grew the account by herself and also that the account could be her ticket out of her financial crisis.

She further asked Jemutai to seek help from other influencers who are using their social media pages to make a living.

“Jemtai I beg you don’t dare sell that account with almost a million followers… I can bid for it but nooo… it’s your lifeline you built for years…. it’s your fans! You need it for the kids and forget that man so that you focus and think straight. If well managed it can make you monthly more than you are asking for a one-off. Instead, get mentorship from those making it in the influencers world or get a manager or pr company to get you endorsement deals. Don’t undermine SMEs there’s more biz thus more money regularly… kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba,” posted Sarah Kabu to her Instagram stories.