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Ten most guarded Presidents in Africa

All presidents in Africa have their security detail, but as has always been the case, some Heads of State are more guarded.

Also, presidents require maximum protection in order to discharge their mandate and serve without fear.

According to Displore, heavily guarded presidents are likely those that have suffered political and civil unrest in the recent years.

They include;

10. Emmerson Mnangagwa – Due to the unrest witnessed in the Southern Africa country that led to the ‘clean’ coup of deceased President Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa’s security detail especially when he is on official duties both in and out of the country has been reinforced.  The 80-year old moves in an armored limousine followed by several presidential guards, complete with high speeding motorcycles.

9. Paul Biya – Having served as Cameroon President for four decades, no cases of attack have been heard since the failed coup d’état in 1984. The 89-year old rides in an armored range rover or armored limousine on special occasions. His convey comprises of high speed land cruisers, Mercedes Benz s class and more than 20 high speed motorcycles. If he travels out of the country, President Biya takes more than 20 body guards for his safety and protection. Biya is the second most long leader in Africa.

8. Alassane Ouattara – The Cote d’ Ivorie President is heavily protected guards both in and out of the country. His presidential motorcade is always surrounded by bodyguards who follow his vehicle on foot till it gets out of the reach of the public.

7. King Mohammed VI – The King of Morocco rides in an armored Mercedes S500 and a range rover when he goes to mountainous places. His motorcade comprises of an ambulance and he is ever escorted by 20 motorcycles. He is believed to be the richest Head of State in Africa.

6. Muhammadu Buhari – The Nigerian President heads the most populous country in Africa and his motorcade is amongst the largest presidential convoys in Africa made of several high speed armored Mercedes Benz and police motorcycles. Each time President Buhari goes outside the country he takes more than 10 body guards.

5. Paul Kagame – He has one of the most expensive presidential cars in Africa, an armored range rover. His convoy consist of high speeding police motorcycles, armored Mercedes Benz, land cruisers and a security guard who surrounds his car each time he makes public appearance.

4. Cyril Ramaphosa – The South African President’s entourage consists of armored motorcade and heavily protected presidential guards especially when he is on official duties.

3. Uhuru Kenyatta – The Kenyan president’s car is an armored Mercedes Benz with his convoy comprising of more than 10 high speed police motorcycles and several high speed expensive cars. Each time he is out of the country, President Kenyatta takes more than 10 body guards.

2. Alpha Condé- The Guinea President is ever accompanied by more than 10 high speed motorcycles and land cruisers. Each time he is in a ceremony that needs him to get close to citizens or outside Guinea, President Condé is carries along more than 20 body guards.

1. King Mswati III- Having been the King of Swaziland since 1986, King Mswati III appears in public shirtless which he says is his way of respecting the African cultures and values. He is known for his practice of polygamy and up to last year he had 15 wives. His motorcade comprises of high speed motorcycles and heavily armed security guards.