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That was foolish! DJ Shiti criticises Mtumishi over public remarks on mother

Popular Kenyan entertainer DJ Shiti, also known as Steven Oduor, has voiced his disapproval of comedian Mtumishi, formerly of Churchill Show, for publicly criticising his mother.

Shiti, during an interview with Chipukeezy on the Chipukeezy Show, expressed his discontent with Mtumishi’s actions.

Shiti recounted a recent incident where Mtumishi went to a church, was given a microphone, and publicly called out his mother.

Describing the act as “foolish,” Shiti pointed out that airing family issues in public, especially on TV, was inappropriate.

The former Real Househelps of Kawangware actor highlighted that many people endure challenging situations silently and suggested that Mtumishi’s actions were not justified.

Shiti asserted that the grievances Mtumishi aired were minor compared to the hardships others face.

“If you look at the things that you are complaining about, they are very stupid things. If you go in front of the TV and start shading your mother, people have been treated badly out here. The things he was talking about are not worth shading his parent,” said Shiti.

Mtumishi had previously made serious allegations against his mother during a church service.

While addressing the congregation at the Jesus Compassion Ministry church service last month, Mtumishi made startling claims about his mother engaging in witchcraft for years, alleging that she employed these practices to disrupt their family.

Opening up about his distressing experiences, the comedian shared how his mother roped him into her witchcraft activities against their father.

Mtumishi expressed his belief that his mother, who gave birth to him, was in the wrong for involving him in such matters.

“My mother breached the trust. I say this because she engaged me in activities I shouldn’t have been part of. In my childhood, she provided me with medication from doctors. I would position my father at the door so that when he arrived, what would he do? As a child with feelings and innocence, when my father came, I would instruct my mother to give me something to place here, and when he did, it led to conflicts in the house,” disclosed Mtumishi.

The comedian conveyed the emotional toll he carries, stating that even if his mother were to pass away today, he would not experience complete mourning. He revealed that he had not spoken to her for the past two years, starting in 2021.