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The 5 times NTV’s Frida Mwaka stunned in see-through clothing

Frida Mwaka is not your typical looking prime time news anchor.

The Swahili prime time news anchor at Nation Media Group’s NTV is the seasoning that makes viewing news interesting most of the time.

She graces our screens in popping make-up, matching popping outfits and shoes to match as well as dimples that charm viewers, this all adds to the noteworthy on-screen chemistry she has with her co-anchor, Lofty Matambo.

Away from the screens, as you’d expect, Frida is also an ‘It-girl’. This type of girl is described as, “a young woman who has achieved celebrity because of her socialite lifestyle.”

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And when I say socialite, please don’t lump her with our kienyeji socialites who go way above and beyond to do sleazy things to remain relevant.

Frida is a social butterfly if her social media posts are anything to go by
Frida is class personified.

She has a reputation to maintain. She is a travel and gender reporter, a fashion designer and a YouTuber to boot.

It is her love for fashion that her 40k followers on Instagram often enjoy.

A quick scroll through her account reveals a girl who loves to dress up, keep her hair new and make-up popping.

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Below are some of the fashion pieces Frida wore that especially caught our eye:

  1. In a black sheer kimono over short denim shorts paired with heels. A ‘safe’ look is often done by those who want to keep it sexy but comfortable if heading out.

    Frida Mwaka
    Frida Mwaka
  2. In a white sheer oversized dress paired off with booty shorts and a yellow sun hat. Perfect vacation look.

    Frida Mwaka
    Frida Mwaka
  3. In a purple sheer kimono complimented with ruffles. Perfect for a beach outing and enduring high temperatures in the coastal region as she is in this photo.

    Frida Mwaka
    Frida Mwaka
  4. In a white sheer dress over a leopard-print body contouring dress. Shouts fun and flirty as she appears in this photo.

    Frida Mwaka
    Frida Mwaka
  5. Frida keeping it sweet in this sheer skirt paired off with a simple t-shirt and top hat. Giving off the confident, sexy girlfriend vibes even though she is a whole wife!

    Frida Mwaka
    Frida Mwaka

We love a babe who can keep it versatile but decent.


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