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TikToker Marylinda narrates how hubby was shot at and robbed

Famous TikToker Marylinda has in a recent video update shared the devastating news of how her husband Ralph Clints was shot at and robbed of his phone at their home.

While narrating the events that occurred during the shootout, Marylinda said that she was busy doing a live interaction with her fans on TikTok when her husband and his friends were shot at and robbed of their phones just outside their home while sitting out in a car.

The comedienne went on to narrate that a few minutes into the TikTok live, her husband walked in seeming distressed, and when she asked him what the matter was he could hardly speak.

“My hubby was waiting for me outside chilling with his friends in the car, and out of nowhere someone comes at them and shoots and takes all their three phones. I don’t know how to feel about this, but I think it was done by someone who knows us. Someone who believes we are millionaires,” Marylinda narrated.

She said that the thought of her husband being shot at left her traumatized because she could not imagine if she had lost him in the incident.

“I am so grateful that my hubby is fine because I was doing a live, and I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I had found Ralph in a pool of blood. I can’t comprehend this, but he is okay in as much as he can’t speak because he’s traumatized,” she said.

The TikToker also gave advice to her fans saying that they should pray for their partners as they never know what could happen at any one time. She also advised them to beware of the kind of company they keep.

“Be careful with people you’re around with. I am having a feeling it’s someone who knows us. It’s a big setback. Be careful and watchful of your friends.”

Marylinda, in an interview, disclosed that she left her well-paying job in Dubai to be with her hubby whom she met on Instagram. The two are well known for their comical content on TikTok as they make funny videos as a couple.

Their fanbase has grown quite rapidly over time and their videos together continue to receive great reception on social media.