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Time to be a dad! Eve Mungai’s boyfriend Trevor speaks

Trevor, the boyfriend of popular content creator Mungai Eve, has expressed his desire to adopt a child.

The couple is the most popular on YouTube.

The couple, who has been together for an impressive five years, is now contemplating expanding their family through adoption.

Trevor made the revelation on his Instagram page when responding to a fan’s inquiry about whether he has any children.

He candidly stated, “I want to adopt one. A baby boy.”

This news comes amid the recent pregnancy announcement from fellow content creators Commentator 254 and Maureen Ngigi on December 4.

As congratulations poured in, one fan, Tajiri Forever, directed a question to Comedian 2Mbili, expressing curiosity about Mungai Eve’s family planning choices compared to those around her who were embracing parenthood.

Eve Mungai responded vehemently to the inquiry, defending her decision not to succumb to societal pressure in matters of family planning.

In a firm statement, she emphasized that giving birth is not a trend and vowed not to rush into motherhood until she feels fully prepared to provide the best life for her future child.

Addressing the intimate details of their relationship, Trevor revealed during a Q&A session on Instagram that their plan is to have their first child in January 2026, with Eve getting pregnant in 2025.

Beyond questions about their expanding family, fans have also been eager to know when Trevor and Eve Mungai will officially tie the knot.

In response to inquiries, Trevor expressed gratitude for the curiosity and shared:

“While we don’t have a specific date for our wedding yet, we’re excited about our future look forward together and sharing our plans when time feels right for both of us.”

The couple emphasized their commitment to building a strong foundation for their partnership and ensuring they are ready for the next steps in their relationship.

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