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Timeline of Tanzanians’ hate for Diamond’s baby mama, Zari Hassan

Once Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz confirmed that they were in a relationship in 2014, Tanzanians were over the moon over the “couple goals” relationship that united them and Ugandans in ‘matrimony’.

Tanzanians couldn’t stop singing Zari’s praise on social media, their media fawning over her and her fans gathering at locations she was spotted in.

Once the babies began arriving, Tanzanians were over the moon over her for giving them a niece and nephew.

However, as much as she was loved, the more she was hated. Her meeting and relationship began weeks after Diamond had reconciled with his ex, Wema Sepetu, their beloved beauty queen and rumors of a big wedding being planned only for them to unexpectedly split again- bitterly.

Later, photos of Diamond and Zari began emerging online. First, he claimed they were just friends but later, it became obvious that they were more than friends. Soon after, Diamond and Zari had two children in two years, something Wema Sepetu couldn’t do with Diamond considering her reported fertility issues.

This paved the way for the Zari hate train in Tanzania to gain momentum.

Also, Tanzanians wondered how Diamond could go for a much older woman from Uganda when they had beauties as well, including Hamisa Mobetto with whom he cheated on Zari? As the end of their four year relationship loomed, the hate for Zari increased. Once they broke up, the hate became worse, with many of them attacking her for ‘preying’ younger men, beginning with their Diamond.

“Swahili people are so full of drama. What’s the point of attacking me? How is that gonna make you feel better? Most of you don’t even have rent money or school fees but you pay attention to things that don’t matter. Every other time you always look for a reason to attack (me)…Swahili people have a poor mindset. Is it the free cheap bundles in Tanzania that make you all so jobless that all you think about is how to get on social media to abuse, attack and bully people?” asked Zari in January 2021.

Fast forward to May 2023, Zari was once again on the neck of Tanzanians for hating on her.

This time, they alleged that her much younger husband, Shakib Lutaaya, looked very unhappy and forced to be by her side after she posted photos of them out clubbing. She made this revelation as a response to someone calling out social media critics for bugging Zari.

“But you Africans, whether the guy is young, uncomfortable or whatever, what is your problem? Is he you? Allow people live their own lives in their own accord,  in their own terms. Pelekeni ma feelings na huuuuuko!” said Nelima Dee to which Zari responded by saying, “Not African, Tanzanians!”

Tanzanians have always used the age of the men Zari dates to attack her and it appears she has learnt to take them in stride- 5 years after breaking up with their musician, Diamond.

Shakib is 12 years younger than Zari.

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