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Timmy Tdat forced to reedit raunchy video after Youtube restriction

Controversial singer Timmy Tdat who caused a stir on social media for the better part of last week after dropping his latest jam ‘Vitamin U’ has been forced to re-edit the video after its viewing was restricted by host Youtube.

In the song, Timmy featured his rumored Tanzanian girlfriend Rosa Ree.

His latest move comes after the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua condemned the singer for producing the raunchy video, which he said was not suitable for viewing by children due to nudity.

‘Vitamin U’ was released early this month and a variety of Kenyans took to social media calling for the song to be pulled down by Google’s Youtube since it contained numerous nude scenes.

Their grievances were lauded by the moral policeman and Google reacted by pulling it down for YouTube subscribers with age restrictions on their accounts.

Google took the urgent action on the video despite the uproar from some of the musician’s fans who saw nothing wrong with the said music video.

The controversial parts of the original video where the Tanzanian rap queen was captured almost nude have now been removed from the redone video.

Google restricts Timmy Tdat’s ‘Vitamin U’ video over nudity

In the video, Timmy and Ree are shown caressing while naked in a bathtub with the singer’s hands cupping Ree’s breasts.

The video also contains other nude scenes from both rappers as they displayed their affection for each other openly.