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Top TikTok special effects make up artist Tinashe Mwaniki on how much she charges

Renowned TikTok special effects make up artist Tinashe Mwaniki spoke to Nairobi News on how her parents reacted to her decisions to go into content creation and how much she now charges clients for her work.

She had earlier said that she was a self-taught make up artist who learnt the tips and tricks from YouTube; and her process involved her coming across various special effects make up styles and recording herself as she tried the looks on herself without practicing beforehand.

“My parents right now are supportive of what I do actually, which I am grateful for because when I was starting out- Ok, I did computer science and informatics in university- and they knew after that I would venture into IT and a 9-5 office job; and then I discovered my love for make up during covid. Yeah, so that’s kind of how it ended. So them, like, lowkey they have been believing in me from then on to now. I feel like they’ve not had this one moment where they are like ‘what exactly are you doing?’ Like, of course they would be asking me but its not in a way of them not wanting me to do what I am doing. It’s like ‘ok, you want to be a make up artist, so? What’s the plan?’ began Tinashe.

She went on to reveal that sometimes her parents got her interviews for IT jobs to her chagrin, but continued to be grateful for their support of her work when even she did not know what she was doing.

“My least price for creative make up looks starts from Sh 6,000. So just tell my what you want and we’ll talk,” added Ms Tinashe.

A scroll through her TikTok account reveals she has done several special effects and creative make up looks including transforming her face to look like Neytiri from the Avatar movies, The Joker from the Joker movies and Suicide Squad, Frankenstein and even changing her appearance into that of a skeleton in her Halloween series looks.

The 23-year-old is also a singer and a former television advertisements talent.

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