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Trouble in Amber Ray’s marriage?

Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray has deleted hubby Jimal Ibrahim Marlow’s pictures from his Instagram page, in a move that suggests all is now well between the pair.

Not done, the mother of one, who prides herself as the president of the second wives association, has also removed his hubby’s name from her profile on the social media channel.

Amber Ray and Jimal, a businessman commonly referred to as Jamal Roho Safi, have barely been married for a year even though the union has been rocked by challenges including consistent outbursts from Jimal’s first wife Amira.

Earlier, Amber Ray would describe herself on her Instagram bio as ‘Jamal Marlow’s wife’.

This is no longer the case.

Amber’s move comes hours after the businessman deactivated his Instagram page.

These moves come barely a month after Amber Ray and Amira publicly clashed at the former’s gate in an incident that was shared live on Instagram.

In the clip, Amira is spotted outside her co-wife’s home in the company of her friends and family while throwing not-so-pleasant words at her while also blaming her husband for marrying the socialite.

But the socialite defended herself, accusing her co-wife of organizing a gang of women, whom she referred to as ‘mamboch’ ( slang for house helps), to attack her at her Syokimau residence.

Amira has never accepted Amber as a second wife and at one time during a radio interview, she revealed of learning about the marriage via social media.

And as the drama escalated, Amber Ray moved houses from Syokimau to Kilimani, claiming she did not feel safe at her previous address.