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Twitter goes wild after this simple KFC marriage proposal

November 9th, 2019 2 min read

A man’s decision to propose to his girlfriend inside of a KFC restaurant in South Africa has gone viral globally.

Surrounded by red plastic chairs, the man is seen going down on one knee as the crowd around him claps and cheers as he slides a ring onto his partner’s finger.

The woman, who is seated with a portion of golden fries, wipes away tears of joy.

On Thursday, KFC publicly thanked Malobola who took the video for “capturing the beautiful moment” and sharing it with the world. Then it appealed for help finding the couple.

“Mzansi please help us find this beautiful couple, re batla ho ba blesser DM us any leads, there might be a Finger Lickin’ Good surprise in it for you too. Batho ba Vaal re thuseng! We love love,” they appealed.

The post had been retweeted more than 20,000 times by the time of publishing this story and the hashtag #KFCProposal started trending.


While some social media commentary poked fun at the man’s decision to choose KFC as the venue to pop the question, most reactions were positive.

South African companies, businesses and wealthy South Africans have offered to help pay for the couple’s, honeymoon, gifts and let them have a wedding of their dreams.

On Friday, KFC South Africa said it would be meeting with the couple and vowed to keep people posted on any developments. “South Africa, you guys are amazing!” the restaurant tweeted.

Here are just but a few of the offers that the couple have been offered: