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Ugandan Army officer in court for affair with boss’s wife

By Freya Wanjiku September 1st, 2022 1 min read

A Ugandan army officer has been arraigned at the court martial on allegations of having a romantic affair with his boss’s wife.

According to a report by the Observer, John Nuwagira is accused of having an affair with Annet Kobusingye, the wife of his boss Lt Robert Turyahabwe.

He has in the past denied the allegations when with an offer to handle the matter out of court.

And in court, he maintains his innocence even as the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) law indicates the Lance Corporal faces dismissal with disgrace for his act which is in accordance with the UPDF Act if he is found guilty.

Details indicated that while at Makenke in Mbarara district in 2021, Nuwagira developed an illegitimate and irresponsible relationship with Kobusingye, while Turyahabwe was away in Somalia on official duties.

Nuwagira was arrested on March 8, 2022, shortly after Turyahabwe, who was a prosecutor in the unit disciplinary committee (UDC), accused him of disorganizing his family when he left Mbarara in 2019.

Some of the findings have further indicated that Kobusingye denied being ever married to Turyahabwe on the basis that she had never introduced him to her family or wedded her officially.