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Ugandan Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja launches ‘TukTuk’ ambulances

Ugandans on Twitter have shared their displeasure following the launch of village ambulances by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja in Kampala.

The tuk-tuk ambulances were photographed trailing to the resort, catching the attention of Ugandans who stared in surprise.

With their sirens on, the ambulances were painted white and inscribed, “Maternal and child health. Support a mother to deliver from a health facility.”

On top of the writings, the words Rotary and its sign were on the far left while the word ambulance was in the middle, and the Ugandan Ministry of Health symbol was at the far right.

Ugandans questioned whether the tuk-tuks would be getting to the patients on time claiming that there was a looming corruption scandal over the procurement of the ambulances.

Here are some of the reactions from Ugandans;


A tuk-tuk costs between Sh300,000 to 500,0000. According to the Daily Monitor, the project is an initiative by the Rotary district 9214 that intends to donate 320 ambulances to 320 sub-counties countrywide.

A functioning ambulance needs an ambulance bag or first aid box with bandages, medicines, syringes, and drips. The medicines include antiseptics, antibiotics, antipyretics, analgesics, and sedatives.

It should also have an equipment for measuring vital signs, a pocket mask with a one-way valve for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a portable oxygen cylinder, a portable suction unit, a detachable drip stand, a bedpan, a urinal, a kidney dish, and a bed or stretcher equipment.

An ambulance, a medically equipped vehicle is used to respond to medical emergencies with their speed depending on the road type. They should arrive within 7 minutes if dealing with category 1 patients who are in life-threatening situations and need immediate intervention and/ or resuscitation.

Depending on the type of emergency, more often than not, ambulances speed up past the agreed-upon speed limit with most of them being over 70km per hour.

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