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Uhuru promotes his former aide-de-camp in latest changes in military

President Uhuru Kenyatta promoted his former aide-de-camp (ADC), Brigadier Peter Njiru Mbogo, to Commander Kenya Military Academy, Lanet in Nakuru County.

Kenyatta also promoted Peter Njiru Mbogo to a Major General rank.

Njiru served under former President Mwai Kibaki and President Kenyatta during his first term before being promoted to Commandant at the Recruits Training School in Eldoret in 2017.

Njiru was replaced with Lieutenant Colonel Victor Mburu as Mr Kenyatta’s aide in 2017.

Mburu was later on replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolool, who is the head of state’s third personal assistant.

Lt Colonel Lekolol was the first Kenya Navy officer to be an ADC in the country.

The ADC also serves as the president’s official bodyguard but he is not a security officer, even as his constant presence gives the presidency dignity and honor.

The routine diary of an ADC revolves around escorting the president out of State House and ushering them into a waiting car, opening the door, standing at attention while saluting them as they take a seat then sits behind them at official functions.

The aide-de-camp also closes the door for the president then occupies the front passenger seat.

TheA ADC also carries the president’s personal items like mobile phones and speeches to be delivered at official and public functions and also receives gifts or other items on their behalf.

The ADC works closely with the Presidential Escort Unit Commander, who is a senior assistant commissioner of police.

The commander is the man directly in charge of the president’s personal security and that of close family members. He is also expected to provide advice and help to hosts of official functions on behalf of the President.