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Umechoma! Avril criticised for ‘forgiveness’ message after alleged assault by J Blessing

Renowned Kenyan singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi, popularly known as Avril, has opened up to her fans about the challenges in her seven-year relationship with music director J Blessing.

In a candid revelation on her Instagram stories, the artist known for hits like “Chokoza” shared a heartfelt plea for forgiveness on behalf of her baby daddy.

Acknowledging the struggles within their relationship, Avril, who is typically private about her personal life, expressed the heaviness in her heart, prompting her to disclose the difficulties they’ve been facing.

“I forgive you J, please find it in your hearts to forgive him too. Everyone is deserving of forgiveness in this life,” part of Avril’s statement read.

Avril emphasized the need for change and shared that both she and J Blessing are committed to seeking help and learning healthier ways to communicate and resolve issues.

Avril’s message has caused a public reaction with most of her fans emphasizing the importance of addressing domestic violence seriously.

However, some fans expressed skepticism and concern about Avril’s plea for forgiveness:

wangarenaomy: Kwanini anaomba forgiveness kabla yeye aombwe yet yeye ndio kachapwa. (Translation: Why is she asking for forgiveness before she is apologized to when she’s the one who has been beaten.)

debora_moraa: Me as a netizen I wasn’t even blaming him so don’t ask me to forgive him.

a.__c.__e: Forgiveness n he’ll beat you up again, best to just leave.

rahab_rayhab: Such annoy me to the core! He abuses you, you came online as a community we are hurt on your behalf, we want action taken, then boom! I forgive him.

stillannteebiotics: Me usema ivi haijalishi relationship imefika stage gani..Mkono ikishainuliwa shukia apo..But anyways what do I know….? (Translation: I’m saying, no matter what stage the relationship is at… when a hand is raised, exit right there. But anyways, what do I know?)

waeni.faith88: A girl is scared for her life.ati forgive? Nini hio amekuthreaten nayo? (Translation: The girl is scared for her life. Forgiveness? What about the threats she’s received?)

kevinrowans: Ushachoma ushachomaa. (Translation: You’ve been burned, you’ve been burned.)

thee_lovechild: “I can fix him, He will change he promised me, It was just the devil, he’s a good man I just triggered him, all relationships have problems.

The two have a child together.