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Vera Sidika: I’m not worried about being dumped

Vera Sidika is not the type to remain silent when something is bothering her.

Not even when she is expecting

In the most recent case, the socialite has responded to his social media critics who suggest her relationship with singer Brown Mauzo is built on sand.

The couple has been married for the past year and is expecting their first child but it appears several of the socialite’s fans are predicting she will soon be dumped.

“Will I die (if he left me)?” she posed alongside a laughter emoji.

“Is it a death sentence?? I have been dumped by men and also dumped others. All your dating life you should be prepared. No stress at all. That is why I move on swiftly.”

Not done, the socialite also had some not-so-pleasant words to share with Fatma, her hubby’s baby mama, and reported first wife.

Fatma has accused the Nitulize hitmaker of among others, being a deadbeat dad.

“He does not support her (baby) unless I write a paragraph (of texts). I get Sh1,500 some months and also two months ago after threats is when he decided to buy her clothes,” Fatma claimed.

“No wonder you only come to IG (Instagram) with your claims,” Vera hit back.

“If any baby mama genuinely has issues with proof to their claims, they go to the children’s court.”