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Vera Sidika proud of black and netizens can’t take it

Socialite Vera Sidika has sparked outrage on social media after commenting on her picture on Instagram that she feels “comfortable in black”.

In fairness, the socialite was commenting on her long black weave, black bodycon dress and dark shades.

But netizens twisted the post to make it an issue of racial pride.

Vera Sidika lightened her skin in 2014. She later explained during an interview with NTV’s Larry Madowo that she felt she needed a change on her body.

Mercy Moraa on Instagram wanted Vera to stop referring herself as a black woman since she disowned it by lightening herself.

“Black don’t crack indeed … what an irony yes… Vera you got your thing going on but hey stop ranking yourself as black. You disowned it remember.”

Qujeiya concurred with Morra saying “Well said …. The irony of the hashtag is mind boggling.”

Milcahwk commented, “Hahahaha the irony, you look good hun, but usitubebe makodofia.

Muthoni asked, “If you feel comfortable in black why did you bleach?”