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VIDEO! Nairobi TikToker explains viral fiery parking dispute with Nairobi “Kanjo” officer

A TikTok sensation, Ntazola Gloria, who became the central figure in a viral video depicting a heated confrontation with a city council officer, commonly referred to as “Kanjo,” over a parking dispute in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), has come forward to provide her perspective on the incident.

In the widely shared video, Ntazola Gloria is seen firmly contesting the officer’s attempt to arrest her and impound her vehicle.

Her unwavering determination to engage the officer in dialogue and the exchange of verbal insults that followed both amused and astonished onlookers.

“Why are you behaving like that? That’s something to sit in my car; we’re going together to wherever I’m going,” she boldly exclaimed in the video.

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Not Sorry! Viral TikToker defends confrontation with “Kanjo” officer over parking dispute

In an exclusive interview with NTV, Gloria Ntazola offered her side of the story, asserting that she had not committed any wrongdoing and that the Kanjo officer had entered her vehicle without her consent.

“I come to town every day, and I park my car in town, paying for my parking. I arrived in town at around 3 pm and was searching for a parking space, which I eventually found near Jeevanjee,” Ntazola explained.

Ntazola went on to describe that, usually, the Kanjo officers are not present when she parks her car, as there is a lady who oversees the parking management in that area.

However, on the day of the incident, she was surprised when two officers attempted to enter her vehicle and confront her.

“The officer had no right to enter my car without consent, and they are well aware of this. They tried to intimidate me, but I locked the officer inside my car, informing him that I had some free time. We embarked on a spontaneous ride, and I was actually looking forward to taking him on an extensive journey. I would have taken him much farther if it weren’t for the late hour,” Ntazola added with a smile.

According to Ntazola Gloria, the unplanned ride extended from Jeevanjee to Kilimani, where she resides, and included a trip on the expressway.

Eventually, they also ventured as far as Kitengela, where the officer could not easily access a public means of transport.

“They bully you and I locked him inside my car and told him I had free time and so we took rides. I was actually looking forward to go on a very long drive with him just that it was very late. Ningempeleka mbali sana. I took him round from Jeevanjee to kilimani around where I live and showed him where I live. I also took express way and we went up to Kitengela where he could not get a matatu easily,” she said.