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Anglican Bishop Emmanuel Chemingich offers to mediate Governor George Natembeya, Deputy fallout

By Evans Jaola October 20th, 2023 2 min read

Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Bishop Dr Emmanuel Chemingich has offered to mediate between Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya and his deputy Philomena Kapkory after a fallout.

Dr Chemingich in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News said the fallout could affect service delivery and polarize the expansive County.

“I am ready to mediate the two leaders as the clergy to ensure a good working relationship between the two leaders. We are not happy with what is happening including the social media fights,” he said.,

The clergyman speaking at his office at St Luke’s Cathedral church raised concern the bad blood between the two top County leaders could divide residents.

He said previous fallout between county bosses and their deputies have hampered development.

He said elected leaders should accommodate divergent voices and not allow divisions.

He also praised the dialogue between President William Ruto and Raila Odinga’s teams that has calmed the high political temperatures in the country.

“We are also following the developments on the bilateral committee talks and we are hoping for inclusive recommendations that will unite Kenyans,” added Chemingich.

“We don’t want our County to be polarized. I am calling on the two leaders to give mediation a chance and solve their differences,” added Dr Chemingich.

Cold blood has been witnessed between the two leaders after the deputy Governor alleged that she is a victim of tribal profiling following a push by the Sabaot community to demand their own County.

Natembeya and his deputy’s fallout came after his deputy came out to report threats to her life and intimidation by junior staff at the Governor’s office.

The political fallout escalated to the public last weekend when the two attended a burial at Kinyoro during the sendoff of former Kinyoro Member of County Assembly Gilbert Kitiyo.

Kapkory has been accused by Natembeya’s close allies of sponsoring the push for the creation of Mt. Elgon County.

An agitated Kapkory said she would not operate from her office at the County headquarters after the threats she alleged put her life in danger.

“I will be away from my office until I am assured of my security. I have written to my boss regarding this matter but I have not received any response,” explored Kapkory last Friday during the burial.

Kapkory warned the Governor’s communication staff not to photograph her, a move that led to commotion at the event.

The Governor however discredited the fallout saying it’s a force by certain political quarters to undermine his administration.

“I am not going to entertain divisive politics that only is meant to divide communities living in this County; Trans Nzoia is a cosmopolitan County that is not available for division,” said Natembeya during the burial.

In an official complaint letter to Governor George Natembeya, Mrs Kapkory said she feels her security is compromised following the threatening messages that have been on social media platforms including official Whatsapp groups.

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