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VIP road clearance doesn’t permit driving on wrong side, traffic police boss says

By Amina Wako January 24th, 2020 2 min read

Vehicles designated for Very Important Persons (VIP) should not use the wrong side of the road, unless under inevitable circumstances, Nairobi Traffic Police Commander Joshua Omukata has clarified.

According to the police boss, the VIPs need to be facilitated by traffic police officers in case they use the wrong side of the road.

“Under the inevitable circumstances the VIP needs to inform the traffic boss of the area so that the road can be cleared for them if indeed they have to use the wrong side,” Omukata told Nairobi News.

VIP road clearance has been a topic of discussion on social media since Monday when photojournalist-cum-activist Boniface Mwangi blocked government vehicles that were being driven on the wrong side of the road.

That was not the first time Mwangi was blocking a VIP vehicle using the wrong side of the road.

Mwangi’s actions have been applauded on social media with many holding the view that the VIPs entitlement to a right of way endangers other road users.


“This people (sic) should also give more directions that the clearance given on the roads includes driving on wrong sides because my understanding is they alert police manning traffic to clear roads for them in advance. Otherwise blocking continues,” Kiprotich Ngetich commented.

“Boniface is communicating a very important message. Driving on the wrong side endangers every other road user including the VIP,” Simonpeter murimi tweeted.

“I insist, if some so-called dignitary is going to drive on the wrong side of the road, then the police stop all oncoming vehicles. We must use common sense! Dignitaries cannot endager the lives of other road users because of their misplaced sense of self-importance,” David Kimwele posted.

“Any case, a siren (if approved) should be used driving the “Right” way. Driving on the oncoming vehicles is endangering the lives of others including your own security,” said Moses Munuve.

“You are so right they are supposed to be cleared on the same traffic flow not going on the wrong side rushing to steal from poor, innocent kenyans whom they are now adding taxes for their pockets #istandwithbonifacemwangi,” Kelvin Wangai commented.

Here is a list of VIPs and other entities entitled to have the roads cleared for them:

1. The President

2. The Deputy President

3. The First Lady

4. The Chief Justice

5. The Attorney General

6. Defence, Interior, Finance and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretaries

7. Interior, Defence, Finance and Foreign Affairs Principal Secretaries

8. The Chief of Defence Forces

9. The Service Commanders of Defence Forces

10. The Inspector-General of the National Police Service

11. The Deputy Inspector-General of the Kenya Police Service

12. The Deputy Inspector-General of the Administration Police Service

13. The National Assembly Speaker

14. The Senate Speaker

15. The National Assembly Majority Leader

16. The Senate Majority Leader

17. Retired Presidents

18. Retired Prime Minister

19. Ambulances

20. Fire Brigade