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Wajackoyah denied chance to submit at Supreme Court

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah suffered a blow in his bid to challenge the outcome of the 2022 presidential results after the Supreme Court locked out his bid to address it.

Wajackoyah, also a prominent lawyer, appeared before the apex court during the pre-trial on Tuesday.

“I pray or beg to be given opportunity probably under your discretion so that I can also be enjoined to speak through my counsel on case close No.7, of which I was enjoined as an interested party,” he explained.

His prayer was dismissed on the grounds it came a day after the deadline for filing submissions with Justice William Ouko explaining the court had already issued direction on the use of the courtroom.

“One is the space itself. Number two is the Covid-19 protocols that require us to keep some social distance and number three is the security,” Judge Ouko said.

He advised Wajackoyah to follow proceedings from an adjacent tent where other lawyers who will not be actively involved in the case will be based.

Justice Mohamed Ibrahim explained that Wajackoyah, who finished third in the presidential race behind President-elect William Ruto and Raila Odinga, had a right to be heard but had made the wrong timing.