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Wajackoyah threatens to skip presidential debate

George Wajackoyah says he will skip the presidential debate if all four candidates in the race are not allowed an opportunity to articulate issues at the same time.

The Roots Party candidate suggested in a recent TV interview he’d received credible information the media was preparing to conduct the debate in phases.

“What is the problem with having all (the four) of us in the podium?”, Wajackoyah, commonly referred to as the Ganja president, quipped.

“I’ve got credible information from those managing the presidential debate they plan to pair Raila and Ruto and me and Mwaure thinking the latter and I are stupid.”

“They are degrading me and Mwaure and they do not know that the latter is a senior lawyer in this country, his wife is a judge an uncle, father, and friend to so many in this country. Does it mean that I and Mwaure are the last remnants of the society?”

He added: “I want to be with them so that they can also see that this Kenya does not belong to them it belongs to everybody.”

Wajackoyah has in the past referred to Raila Odinga as a government project.

Wajackoyah is famously known for his push to legalize the cultivation of Marijuana for the economic benefit if elected President.