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WATCH: Azeezah opens up on Stivo Simple Boy’s fainting on live TV

Azeezah Hashim, the host of the renowned ’10 Over 10′ show, has shed light on a recent alarming incident that unfolded live on television when Stivo Simple Boy collapsed during an interview on Citizen TV’s popular program.

The incident, which occurred on March 15, sent shockwaves through both the studio audience and viewers tuning in online, sparking widespread concern and conversation across various social media platforms.

Stivo Simple Boy, known for his candid lyrics and humble demeanour, unexpectedly fainted while in the midst of an interview with Azeezah Hashim, leaving everyone in attendance deeply worried about his well-being.

As the conversation with Stivo progressed, Azeezah and the audience noticed the artist beginning to struggle with his breath, signalling a distressing turn of events.

Despite efforts to maintain composure and continue the interview, Stivo’s condition deteriorated rapidly, resulting in his collapse on stage and a temporary halt to the show as immediate assistance was sought.

Reflecting on the incident in an interview with Nairobi News, Azeezah dismissed any notion that the distressing occurrence was staged to garner attention for the show, asserting that the health and well-being of guests always take precedence.

“It is unfortunate that people are going through difficulties out here, but people may tend to misunderstand them for clout,” Azeezah remarked.

“It is unfortunate that it happened that way. I don’t think anybody would put their health on the line for clout, and for the institution that I represent, I think we have proved over the years that clout means nothing to such a great institution.

Azeezah stressed the unpredictable nature of the incident and expressed her genuine shock and concern during the live broadcast.

Azeezah, a member of St John’s Ambulance, says she was unable to exert any control over the unfolding situation that day.

“It took everyone by surprise and it is something we did not expect,” Azeezah explained.

“That’s why I looked shocked in the videos, and it was on live TV, and you still have to tell your audience what happened, and the guest needs your attention.”

In his statement, Stivo Simple Boy hinted that he felt stressed during the interview and attributed his breakdown to the overwhelming pressure he was under.