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WATCH: Gang walks away with goods worth millions in CBD robbery

Business owners at Revlon Plaza along Biashara Street are counting losses after gang of three walked away with goods worth millions in a well-orchestrated night robbery.

Footage captured by CCTV cameras shows a three man gang, with help from a security guard, cut the locks of several shops on the second floor, before walking in with sacks.

After about an hour, they walk out from an electronics shops with their sacks full. The owner of the shop estimates that the goods stolen were worth Sh2.5 million.

In the footage, the gang set their sacks on the corridor and proceed to break into a neighbouring shop where they also walked out with goods.


They appeared to be in no hurry, taking about four hours and several trips in and out of the building, during the robbery.

Police have already arrested and charged the security guards who were on duty that night and are hunting for the main suspects.

The suspects seem to have hidden their faces from the CCTV cameras in the building, save for one man whose face was captured at the entrance.

One shop owner, whose stock of laptops, desktops, cartridges and toners worth Sh2.5 million was stolen, told Nairobi News that the management of the building should compensate shop owners because the robbery was as a result of a security lapse on their end.

“How come there is no alarm in the building? The doors at the entrance were open as late as 10:45 pm, why would the management take such a risk? The security company was contracted by the management and so it is the management that should ensure they secure the building that houses large business with millions of stock,” the shop owner told Nairobi News.


The building’s caretaker told Nairobi News that security is being upgraded.

“We are in the process of installing alarms and reinforcing doors,” he said.

When asked about compensation, the caretaker said shop owners have insurance that should compensate them.

One of the shop owners however insisted; “the management should compensate us as the theft was as a result of a security lapse and outright negligence.”

A Facebook user circulated photos and videos obtained from the CCTV footage, urging the public to help in identifying the suspects.