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WATCH: How Ruto promised internet five years ago and failed to deliver

A five-year-old video has emerged showing Deputy President William Ruto vowing to ensure Kenyans access internet services for free.

That promise was not kept and a few days ago he made a similar promise to Kenyans while on the presidential campaign trail.

The first promise of free internet by the DP was captured in a video produced by the Nation Media Group.

It shows the DP donning Jubilee party-branded shirt telling crowds that he will ensure all wards in the country are connected to the internet as a way of creating jobs for the youth.

“Most of you are in the position of operating the internet, right?” he asks.

“What you need is bundles to proceed with your work, and we have said that those bundles will not be the problem because we will ensure that there is free internet in every ward so you can have the opportunity to do your work.”

Five years later, not only do several areas in the country lack internet, but Kenyans have to spend to purchase it.

Fast forward to 2022 and the DP has now promised to sink Sh38 billion in ensuring Kenyans access free internet.

“At the markets, you will not need bundles to communicate because as we have constructed the roads to transport our produce, we will have to get digital roads so that you are charged to use the roads.”

“Just like we managed to have a last-mile connection for our people to access electricity. We will also have the last mile for the internet. Every house, every market, every school will have free internet and electricity.”

Ruto, considered among the front runners to win the August 2022 polls, has also blamed the political deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga on his inability to deliver most of the election pledges.