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Watch: MCA paints the painful reality of losing an election in viral TikTok clip

August 12th, 2022 2 min read

After receiving zero votes in Meru, Festus Kithinji, an aspirant MCA, broke down in tears in a now viral Tiktok video.

In the clip, Festus laments about how he used all of his resources to run for office and support the Mbeu Ward community in Meru.

“Mlikula pesa ya mheshimiwa na hamkuekelea kura? (You mean you people ate my mone and did not even vote for me?)” he started the video.

In the Tiktok video, he states that he would attend many fundraising events and was there for many people when they needed a shoulder to cry on.

Yet, none of those people dared to come through for him.

Festus added, “As I stand here, my account reads zero. I put all my efforts there thinking you are giving me this.

You, people, are liars, calling me mheshimiwa yet you knew you would never give me your votes.

You used to call me for your fundraisings. I have done a lot for you people. For some polling stations, I did not secure even a single person.

God will judge you, people. I feel disappointed and heartbroken,” he said in the viral Tiktok.

Check out the video of him lamenting below.

@papafestus♬ original sound – papa festus

Netizens related to his dilemma, while some told him to pull himself up and get back to his life. As in, accept and move on.

Festus did.

He shot another Tiktok and posted it. It also went viral.

This one he titled it, “Kuoga na kurudi soko. Tukutane 2027”.

Festus appeared in the latest video in a more animated mood, telling Kenyans that he is done crying over spilt milk and would return to the ballot box in 2027.

This time with more money.

He vowed, “2027 tuko. Wacha tutafute pesa. Nimejua that politics is all about money! (2027 I will be back. Let me get that money. Now I know that politics is all about money.)”

He continued, ” I am going to get money so I can get power. Money and power are one thing.”

Watch the second video below.

@papafestus♬ original sound – papa festus