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WATCH: Tanzanian influencer trolled for washing Range Rover with Hennesy

A Tanzanian influencer by the nickname Chief Godlove uploaded a video on TikTok of himself rubbishing the value of Hennesy, one of the worldwide renowned cognacs, and using it for other purposes.

In the viral TikTok video uploaded yesterday, Godlove bragged about how things others consider expensive and luxurious are garbage to him.

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“Come closer and let me show you something strange. This is Hennesy. There are people who find this to be such an important thing to them, very expensive but to me this is trash. Why do I say this? You will be amazed to see it but to me, it is an ordinary thing. This is a Hennesy bottle. It is still sealed and I will open it for you. It’s a bit hard. Alcoholics are the ones who know how to open it, for me, it is a little bit difficult. I need 20 guys (around me) who believe in themselves, guys who don’t see fashionable clothes as an important part of their lives, who don’t see alcohol as an important part of their lives, who doesn’t consider liabilities such as good looking beds being important…you should not see things like these as very important things. The most important things are to have money and a mindset. You may have money but you have a poverty mindset that you are poor or have a childish mentality which makes you ignorant and stupid,” began Godlove.

He further dissed people who thought they are rich simply for going into a bar and buying Hennesy off the shelves so that they could show off. According to Godlove, being rich means living an enjoyable lifestyle. He then went ahead to wash his Range Rover’s tires with the Hennesy.

“You see this car? (Range Rover)? I use it while on my errands in the city. Dogs drive (Toyota) Crowns and Mercedes Benz for going to rural areas to eat ducks. This one here is for eating ducks here in Dar-es-Salaam. I only use Hennesy to wash its tires. I don’t know if you understand me. It is trash to me,” said Godlove

The Hennesy he poured on the tires is a 700ml bottle which retails for about Kenya shillings 5,710. Despite his bragging attempts, it was in the comment sections where he was trolled- especially by Kenyans.

“This is cheap Hennessy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚get Hennessy XO…ufanye ivu (and do the same),” said Wycliffe Karani.

“Mwenye amemwona akkilia (Anyone who has seen him cry after making this video) after this video kiss my comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,” trolled Moses Kimani.

“This is Tz..bro njoo mombasa ufanye huo upuzi (Come to Mombasa and do this stupidity) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…..300 Kenyan money…eish,” added Gaceri Kirinyaga Diva.

“The cheapest, its like Chrome,” added Ali Debs2000.

It should be noted that Kenyans enjoy trolling Tanzanians whose currency has lower value and exchange rate in comparison to Kenya’s shilling. Therefore, as seen in this instance, they claim that to Godlove, the Hennesy might be expensive in Tanzania for having longer place values, but in Kenya, it only costs in the thousands.

Watch the video:Β 


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