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WATCH: Tanzanian MP in public spat with wife, boasts he’s to marry 100 wives

Emmanuel Mwakasaka, the Tanzanian Member of Parliament for Tabora Town and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, was caught on camera having a marital spat with a lday believed to be his wife in public.

In the video seemingly being recorded by his wife who does not appear on camera, the two had a back and fourth over the legitimacy of the marriage and the woman’s settling in her husband’s home.

“Even if you record me, this is my home. In this place you are just way ward. And I will say that anywhere and there are testimonies of this. I am saying the courts will finally know. You cannot come and do what you are doing in my home and bringing police to my compound. You cannot do that in my home. I don’t want quarrels with you over here. Every day you keep bringing police officers to my home,” said Mr Mwakasaka as his wife shouted back at him.

She said, “Why did you marry me if you knew all this? As for you the entire world will know you are a conman. You marry women and then leave them after lying that they are sleeping with other men. The entire world will know you are a conman.”

To this, Mr Mwakasaka, 63, replied that he is a man and he can marry one hundred women as he gestured that his estranged wife will not be one of his wives. He went ahead to also brand his wife’s parents as conmen.

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Little information is known about Mr Mwakasaka’s private life but according to social media profiles bearing his images, he is married to one wife with whom they had a white wedding.

In reaction to the video, Nairobi News samples sentiments from viewers:

“We men should not sit and watch such issues happening to others because they can happen to us too. Or have we forgotten what happened between Sugu and Faiza? Let them sort out their issues alone, don’t meddle in the business of people who have slept naked together. You will not understand,” said Kasulu Kwetu.

“Let us be very keen when choosing whom to marry and have children with,” added Bandura 2023.

“In all African societies, polygamy is acceptable,” opined Elinisaidie.

“There is no bad such such as having thugs being called leaders. In normal societies, you would not see the importance of a politician such as this one. He seems to know nothing about communication skill and conflict resolution skill of which is of critical importance for a public leader. so unfortunate,” said Noel Kumbuaeli.