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Wavinya bashed online for bragging about luxurious child birth in the UK

Former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti’s luxurious birth experience in the United Kingdom has left her on the receiving end online as users scolded her.

This after Wavinya disclosed, during Citizen TV’s morning show, that after giving birth to her first child she was accorded high end post-partum care that included medics visiting her home to access how she was healing and coping.

She was narrating her experience in comparison to that of the quintuplets mother Everline Namukhuka stating that the late mother should have received better post-partum care to prevent her death.

The former legislator’s experience in the UK is common in European countries, in the Netherlands for instance, there is a government subsidized post-partum care by mother and baby nurses who visit them at home for the first six weeks.


In Kenya, there are companies that provide home care services and for one to have a registered post-delivery nurse from Go Care for instance, it would cost Sh1,800 to Sh2,500 daily depending on the client’s specific needs.

However, the online community wasn’t impressed by Wavinya for bragging and not being in touch with the state of healthcare in the country.

Sammy Mbui questioned, “What have you done as a leader to make sure we have same standards like UK?”

Beatrix Mentor Shepherd wrote, “It’s true doctors should have treated her as a special case but Wavinya doesn’t have to come bragging about giving birth in the UK. It’s irrelevant.”


Catherine Menganyi narrated, “I delivered one of my babies in a rural health facility where the midwife was all alone, she was covering all the departments in the health centre alone. She wished she could give me the best, scrab my back, walk with me throughout labour but she was needed all over, the only thing she could do is rush and check on me. I understood she could not do comprehensive monitoring the work was too much for her and I wished I could wake up and help but the labour pains were intense. As u compare Kenya n UK improve health services in Kenya, equip our health facility and improve the ratio of nurses, doctors and clinical officer ratio. Then tell us how UK was helpful nkt.”

John Chege stated, “After your hopeless utterance… just visit Kenyatta or Mbagathi hospitals, its just a few miles away from where you are yapping UK delivery.”

Kibaru Cherish wrote, “Really ??this lady clearly doesn’t know the state of our public hospitals. Our politicians need to walk a mile in our shoes before they speak.”

Cheros Shila added, “This is sickening of our politicians, I never saw her visit the mother when she was alive… this issue of blubbering when its too late really bores me. Action should have been taken from day one.”